Sectoral knowledge gained over many years


Founded in 1981 by Mechanical Engineer İrfan Özalp, Özalpsan Mak. Iml. Agriculture Industry Trade. LTD. STI. has been continuing its production activities in the Turkish industry under the name of Ozz Group by including greenhouse systems in its structure since 1988.

With its nearly 40 years of experience and advanced technology production, Ozz Group provides services to Turkish organic agriculture and foreign investors with modern greenhouse projects. With an annual production capacity of 1 million M2 greenhouse steel construction and a customer-oriented approach, it prepares soil based and soilless agriculture, banana, seedling and ornamental plant production greenhouses as well as animal shelter facilities on a turnkey basis upon request.

In today's Gothic Modern Greenhouse steel construction, the design and useful models of the 'Y Bracket', 'Water Trough' and 'Greenhouse Clip Profile' parts used by all companies in our country belong to Ozz Group General Manager Oğuz Kaan Özalp.

Ozz Group is taking firm steps forward to become Turkey's "Greenhouse Steel Construction Production Base" by designing and producing the necessary parts and apparatus for greenhouse construction manufacturing and assembly in accordance with European norms.