• Soilless Greenhouse


Tomato Greenhouses: Tomatoes grown in nutrient-dense mineral solutions take their nutrients from the soil through water, air or other solid materials. Healthy tomato cultivation is possible with a healthy greenhouse. In this way, while providing the nutrients that the plant should take from the soil under normal conditions, diseases and pests that may occur in the soil are avoided. As Ozz Group; We are making turnkey tomato greenhouse projects with durable steel construction, suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions.

Banana Greenhouses: As Ozz Group, we provide the opportunity to produce bananas, which is an important product in greenhouse production, in fully automated greenhouses where temperature and humidity levels are kept under control and air conditioning is done automatically according to the changing air temperature. 

Strawberry Greenhouses: In Ozz Group strawberry greenhouses, where we ensure full automation and soilless production with the right production techniques, we work with high efficiency with the elevator system we specially designed.

Seedling Production Facility (Nursery Greenhouses): We continue to produce projects that investors may need with our years of experience and quality for seedling production facilities, which is one of the important building blocks of greenhouse cultivation.

Vegetable Greenhouses: We contribute to the production of organic vegetables suitable for all kinds of demands, in fully automated Ozz Group greenhouses, in soilless agriculture, where efficiency can be obtained 5 times more than in conventional agriculture.

Ornamental Plants Greenhouses: We design and implement durable, highly productive ornamental plant greenhouses that are suitable for different climatic conditions and can be used with cooling, heating and irrigation systems as needed.



  • Soil based Greenhouse


As Ozz Group, we prepare highly efficient and turnkey projects with fully automated, durable and steel-construction vegetable, fruit, seedling and ornamental plants greenhouse models, which are preferred on fertile soils.