Why Do Farmers Need Greenhouses?

Today, urbanization and population growth increase the need for plant production, while reducing the existence of land. Changing production, technology and geographical conditions encourage farmers in greenhouse cultivation, where yield and quality are increased by providing suitable conditions for growing plants.


Advantages of the greenhouse:


*Compared to the open field, greenhouses create the optimal climatic conditions required for a plant to grow.


*More products are taken per square meter compared to the crops produced. The product per square meter in a greenhouse is twice as much as in open field agriculture. Therefore, the profit of the investor increases in this direction.


* The farmer does not need to be dependent on the seasons for growing certain crops. Thanks to the right climate created in a fully automated greenhouse, quality products can be obtained in any period.


* By extending the growing period in greenhouses, the number of crops grown during the year increases, several crops can be obtained from the same place. Therefore, there is a continuity of bringing goods to the market.


* In addition to getting more products with less soil, a soilless production environment can also be created.


*With the use of technology in greenhouses, the heat required by the plants can be provided, and the appropriate humidity rate is provided by the ventilation system. Fertilization and spraying systems can also be installed according to the needs of the plant.


* It is only possible in greenhouses to prevent the damages caused by climate changes such as sudden temperature increases or decreases, and to protect the products from animals such as birds and insects.

A solidly built greenhouse can prevent problems such as pests and weeds and provide disease control.